kitchen organization

I can’t do anything if my space is cluttered or messy. That means the only thing I can do in the kitchen when it’s messy is cut up apples (according to the picture below). Our tiny kitchen is so cluttered… That’s probably why I have not wanted to cook for a while.
Last weekend, I decided to organize the kitchen hoping that it would make me want to cook again.

  1. Throw away expired items
  2. Add another shelf and move most used dished to open shelves
  3. Add a bookshelf for small appliances, vitamin and protein powders, etc.
  4. Clear counter tops
  5. Only leave out certain number of utensils and put the rest away (Had four containers total before, two on the counter top and two hanging. Now only have two glass cups, one for spoons and chopsticks, and another for forks and knives)


more after photos:


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