recipe: chicken rice porridge (jook/juk)

Our friend had made us jook on multiple occasions, after Thanksgiving with the turkey carcass and whenever he gets rotisserie chicken from Costco with the chicken carcass. Isn’t he sweet? That’s  when he was our roommate. Now that we don’t live with him anymore, my husband misses his jook. So the last time we went to Costco, we picked up a rotisserie chicken, made super spicy spaghetti with half the meat and made jook with the rest. Our friend doesn’t strain the stock but I like to since I don’t like chewing on little bones and other chicken parts.


Chicken rice porridge topped with green onions, soy sauce and sesame oil

1 chicken carcass
10 cups of water
1-2 inches of ginger
1-2 green onion (white part)
2-3 cups of chicken pieces

1 cup of rice (soaked for an hour)

green onion (green ends chopped)
cilantro (chopped)
white pepper
soy sauce
sesame oil


1. in a stock pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat bring carcass in water with ginger and white part of green onion to a boil. skim off  the foam. reduce heat and simmer for 2-3 hours
2. strain the stock through a mesh strainer lined with moistened paper towel and discard the solids
3. add rice to stock and cook over low heat for about an hour (either stir occassionally or not at all)
4. add 2-3 cups of chicken pieces and simmer for 30 more minutes
5. serve in a bowl with toppings



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